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Some people say that photographing takes you out of the "moment." For me, photographing is the moment. In each moment I am an observer, and photographing is a way to communicate everything I see. 


Getting the composition just right; illuminating certain details; capturing the light at its most powerful gesture of the day -- all of this is a way for me to add my artistic interpretation to daily life. And that grounds me in a moment. 

I am a freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker in Oakland, CA.

I worked as a photo editor and camera assistant for high-end wedding photographer Genevieve de Manio, helping her capture the food; the floral masterpieces; the people and the emotion of unrepeatable days.

I studied journalism and documentary film at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, captivated by the power of visual storytelling.

I've been taking pictures all my life.

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Email: ifkrieger [at]                           Phone:  617.504.6048

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